Swedish Lapland AiR is a cultural project aiming to build a network of artist residencies within Norrbotten, in northern Sweden. The creative programme is directed to visual artists interested in a new engaging practice. Sign up to our newsletter further down for open calls and news. 


Lerin/Hystad - Study of the Arctic flora

During their stay as Artist in Residence, Lerin/Hystad will study and explore the nature and flora around Jokkmokk and in Norrbotten. What can nature teach us about a place and can you learn about the history of a place by studying it’s plants? Through fieldwork in nature the duo will record the flora around Jokkmokk and create new musical compositions.

During his stay at KKV Luleå, Andreas Senoner intends to take the opportunity to use the laboratories and machinery available in the center to focus on experimentation and production, using uncommon materials in his artistic practice, observing and drawing inspiration from nature and the local rural context.   

Marko Timlin - Sound art at the border

Marko Timlin is a German-Finnish sound artist, installation artist, performer and composer. His artistic work centers on the technical, aesthetic and philosophical development of kinetic sound sculptures, dynamic light installations, performances with self-made sound machines and multimedia theater plays.

"During my time at the residence I will experiment with different casting techniques for upcoming projects. I will work with various silicone and sand molds where I will cast sculptures in wax, concrete and metal. They will then be part of a larger installation which will be presented in Kiruna next year." 

The digital exchange is an opportunity for a creative practitioner based in Råneå and Berwick-upon-Tweed to learn about each other's practice and the creative communities they are part of within their respective rural localities.

During my time in Haparanda, I literally want to take on the dark time that hangs over us and the future, by putting myself in a physically dark place. With dark place I mean what nature, the time and the
earth´s epoch force us into. 


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