Residency programme.
The aim of the residency is to get acquainted with the multidimensional life of Jokkmokk. This is a place where mountains meet rivers and forests, traditional reindeer husbandry and business companies live side by side and multi-culturalism is a fact.
The artist needs to be independent, but there will be facilitators who will organise the studio visits (the studio is available for 30 days).
During the stay, the artist will have the possibility to visit the Vattenfall hydro power plant in Porjus, a reindeer husbandry company, the Ájtte museum and local artists' studios.
Moreover, the artist will be invited to give two public lectures - one of them at Kulturskolan, the local music and arts school - and participate in art talks for artists and art teachers within the municipality. 

Jokkmokk is a village situated above the Arctic circle in Swedish Lapland. It offers an inspiring environment with magnificent sceneries and a modern and traditional culture (Sami and Swedish).
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Disciplines & topics. 
Primarily Visual arts

A single room with shower and kitchenette at the Sami education centre.
The residency is for one artist.

Studio information & technical equipment.
20 square meter equiped studio. Access to the workshops at the  The Sami Education Centre.

Open calls

Currently (Summer 2018 and Spring 2019) by invitation only.

About us.
The department of Culture & Leisure within Jokkmokk's municipality, in cooperation with The Sami Education Centre, is in charge of a residency programme for artists and creative professionals.

Residency address. 
Samernas Utbildningscentrum
Borgargatan 2
962 31 Jokkmokk, Swedem

Hydro power plant in Porjus

Last day of school at the Sami Education Centre (2016)

Ájtte museum, Jokkmokk