Olga Golos

What. Artist in Residence
When. September-october 2023
Where.  Luleå
Organizers. KKV Luleå, Resurscentrum för konst
Who. Olga Golos
Website. Olgagolos.com

Olga Golos is a conceptual visual artist mainly focused on series of sculptures and installations often in reference to boundary and transition experiences, including the border of human-shaped and natural landscape.

She is interested in what constitutes personality - how a person can simultaneously be an individual and part of a collective. She is captivated by the notion that each individual encompasses a multitude of inuences, experiences, and perspectives, simultaneously existing as an individual entity and an integral part of a larger collective. Golos mostly works serially or in several parts, her works are a study in modularity and the relationships that a repeated form can create. For her, materials are deceptive. Glass masquerades as ceramic, metal imagines itself to be paper and plaster becomes whatever it wants to be. Her interest in materials is not limited to their aesthetical qualities; it is also revealed in investigation of working methods and historical imprint. That is also why, touching on topics like sensitivity or vulnerability, she often employs heavy materials like steel that require physically demanding processes to be shaped.
Olga Golos’ work has been exhibited throughout Germany and internationally with the recent exhibitions at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (2022), Galerie der Künstler, Munich (2019-22); Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf (2021); public spaces of Lindau (2022), Stockholm (2022) and Eresing (2021). She is regularly invited to develop her artistic practice in international residencies, with recent projects completed in Austria, Germany, Korea and the USA. Golos was awarded the Debutante Award in Munich (2018) and Gilbert Bayes Award in London (2021).
Olga Golos lives and works in Munich, Germany.

Olga Golos. Photo taken by Leonie Felle.
Olga Golos. Photo taken by Leonie Felle.