Oksana Mishko

Emerhgency Residency - Ukraine

What. Artist in Residence
When. May - ongoing 2022
Where.  Haparanda
Organizers. HaparandAiR
Who. Oksana Mishko is an artist based in Kyiv
Website. -

Oksana Mishko was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and trained as a painter and designer. She also has a background as a tailor. 20 years ago, she took the step to work with her art full time, she works with textile and mainly with painting and embroidery on fabric to make unique painted bags.

During Oksanas residency at HaparandAir she will devote herself to a new project where she wants to connect artistic creation and sustainability by embroidering and painting on recycled textiles.

The HaparandAiR art residence is arranged by the City of Haparanda with the help and co-financing of the Resource Center for Art / Swedish Lapland AiR and the IASPIS Artists' Committee. The art residence in Haparanda is also a collaboration between the municipality and local actors, e.g. HapKult, Jala arts and crafts association and Svefi. The residency is carried out in collaboration with SWAN Emergency Residencies and Artists at Risk.

Oksana Mishko to the right with her interpreter Natasha Korvi
Oksana Mishko to the right with her interpreter Natasha Korvi