Tomma rum

What. Artist in Residence
When. July 2023
Where.  Korpilombolo
Organizers. Korpilombolo kulturförening
Who. Tomma rum

Tomma Rum (Empty rooms) is a self-organized platform for cultural and artistic exchange. Every summer, all participants organize a stay together in a small place in Sweden.

Tomma Rum are about meeting and creating new forms of collaboration between artists, cultural practitioners and the local population of the place we visit. Tomma Rum are open to everyone who is interested in art, culture, people and the place we visit. Artists but also architects, poets, musicians, writers, photographers and actors of different ages and nationalities participate in Tomma rum. A special dynamic arises both within the group and in the local collaboration.

We arrange exhibitions, performances, film recordings, public talks and more. Unexpected meetings take place and both hosts and visitors are stimulated to new perspectives on local collaborations and cultural life.

Tomma Rum invited to Night Festival

Tomma Rum did something unusual and reappeard in Korpilombolo during the winter months. An invitation from their legendary Night Festival in December was hard to refuse. 

Korpilombolo Culture house. Photo: Tomma rum
Korpilombolo Culture house. Photo: Tomma rum