Residency programme.
KKV Luleå offers one paid residence a year. The residence programme is a production based programme. We like to give the selected artist the opportunity to work in our many workshops, fully equipped with machinery and we are interested to invite artists to have the opportunity to work in our well-equiped workshops, giving them the chance to get involved in an international context. 

The selected artists, once introduced to the spaces, equipment and materials, will work independently according to their needs and interests.

If you would like to come and work in our space, without a residencie, you are welcome to stay and pay for your accommodation and to to use the workshop studios. Please contact us if this would be interesting for you. We charge a very low rate.

KKV is located in Kronan, a creative district of Luleå reachable within a 30 min walk from the city centre or a 7min car/bus ride (bus n. 6). Luleå is served by an airport, a bus and a train station, connecting it to many regional areas within Sweden. To know more about the city, check this webpage >>

Disciplines & topics.
The machines and tools available include: Graphics, screen printing, silk screen printing/serigraphy, ImageON (light box), enamel, sculpture (plaster, concrete, wax, stone, ceramic), wood, metal castings (bronze, aluminum), monumental spaces, digital art, sewing/embroidery machine.

We have two guest apartments, one is located in the city center and one is located on the second floor of the KKV building.

KKV apartment
Is equipped with a kitchen, a toilet with shower and a bedroom with a double bed (120 cm-width). Two extra mattresses (80 cm) are also available.
The windows overlook internally to the Monumental studio (no outside view).
On the same floor there are some private studios with a balcony/fire exit and stairs. You can find more information by downloading the following files:

Apartment's plan
Guest studio's info

City apartment
Is equipped with a kitchen space and living room, a toilet and a bedroom with a double bed (120 cm-width). The sofa in the living room can also be turned into a 140 cm bed. The shower is in the basement.

Studio information & technical equipment.
The residency is based on artistic projects conducted in the workshops.
Spaces and equipment/materials can be arranged according to specific needs (e.g. the Monumental studio is perfect for big scale installations or sculptures). 
During your stay, you will also have the opportunity to meet other artists working in their studios.

Artists within previous residencies.
Erik Thörnqvist
Hildegard Skowash
Neda Saeedi
Ninna Berger


Open calls

Currently no open calls. But you can organise your own residency stay at KKV. 

About us.
KKV is an Artist Collective Studio (KKV stands for "Konstnärernas Kollektiv Verkstad") based in Luleå
Among the 21 art collective workshops in Sweden, KKV Luleå is one of the largest, hosting 11 well equipped creative labs.

Kronan H5, 97442 Luleå

E-mail. info@kkvlulea.se
Web. www.kkvlulea.se
Social media. facebook 

The following images show KKV's labs and creative spaces: