The network of artist residencies Swedish Lapland AiR is widespread throughout 8 places within Norrbotten, the most Northern region of Sweden. With its almost 27,000 km2, it borders to the East with Finland and to the West with Norway. 
Despite its breadth, it hosts just 200,000 inhabitants, 76,000 of which live in Luleå, its regional capital. 
Norrbotten's official language is Swedish, while its minority languages are Finnish, Sami and Meänkieli, a dialect spoken on the border between Finland and Sweden.

Thanks to its closeness to the Polar Circle (just about 150 km), the region experiences the 'Polar nights', when sometimes the Aurora Borealis shows off its majestic beauty, as well as the 'Midnight sun', a fascinating neverending day.
Visiting and living in Norrbotten is an incredible experience, also thanks to the activities here available - among them dog- and kicksledding, down-hill and cross-country ski. One can find tradition and modernity, history and technology, sport and nature, pasture and business side by side.

Since the 8 places hosting the residencies have unique identities and traditions, everyone of them will have its own presentation. There you will find a brief history of the city, some remarkable facts about it and all the information on how to get there.