Genius Loci Norr by Anastasia Savinova

Remember the artist Anastasia Savinova? We talked about her while she was experiencing a nomadic residency in and around Norrbotten as part of Swedish Lapland AiR program. On this webpage, we had a conversation with her about the series entitled Genius Loci.
Since then - it was more or less a year ago - time has passed by, leaving a visible trace though.

The result of this residency will be shown at Norrbottens museum in Luleå starting from today (28th June 2019) and throughout the whole summer, until the 29th of September.
The exhibition, called Genius Loci Norr, will present some previous works printed in a minor format, and the original photocollages Anastasia produced after her field-trips in Norrbotten.
Moreover, there will be a construction-sculpture conceived by the artist specifically for this occasion.
Don't miss the opportunity to discover more about Anastasia Savinova's art as well as Norrbotten's heritage, history, and cultural core.

Text by Silvia Colombo, Art Historian